Top 6 Best BMX Bikes for Street Riding: Reviews & Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide

You wouldn’t know how serene it feels to have a bike ride on the street until you try one of the best BMX bikes for street riding. You may have already seen plenty of BMX bikes on the road, trust me, not all of them can give you the utmost performance. Even though all BMX promises to give you the desired ride, a few of them are well constructed and ensure a comfortable ride.

Hence, it becomes extremely difficult to identify the best BMX street bikes when there are so many. To be able to find the right one and most importantly, the highest quality one, you need to have profound knowledge and understanding of the bike’s features. Certainly, looking through the bikes, comparing and qualifying the aspects are not so easy and very time-consuming.

Thus, to make the job easy for you, here I am going to suggest a few Best BMX for street riding and review them addressing their strengths and drawbacks. Additionally, to be able to qualify any BMX bikes and pick the right one, I am also adding some valuable information about this bike, including its types, necessity, mandatory features to consider, risk factors, benefits, safety precautions, and so on.

What are the types of BMX bikes?

BMX bikes are super cool and strong not only for riding on the streets but also for bike stunts. The elaboration of BMX is bicycle motocross. So, considering the purpose of using the bike, you need to pick the right one that can support you during your ride. Though there are diverse designs, sizes, and brands for this bike, the bikes can be classified into a few types.

1. Freestyle BMX bike

If you are fond of bike stunt or jumping, then you need the freestyle BMX. Because freestyle bikes are strong, flexible and withstand the stress and tricks, you are going to create. Such boxes are made of strong steel and strong wheels with a minimum of 36 spikes. The bike comes with wood ramps and pavements to make sure you have a smooth and fast ride. Each of these features will be ensured in the bike construction so that your bike can withstand shock, jump and perform break free. Also, to have proper control and balance over the vehicle, the bike comes with front and back brakes with a rotating hub.

2. Jumping BMX bike

There is a slight difference between the freestyle and jumping BMX. It is also used for stunts, especially for jumping stunts. Though the frame of this bike is very much like the freestyle, the difference is in the parts construction. Since you are going to jump with the bike, the tires of the wheel come with a knob for a tighter grip. This feature allows you to smooth and safe jump and landing. The tires are specially constructed to have a good grip, especially on the dirt tracks.

3. Flatland BMX bike

As from the name, you can already understand that this bike is for flat land. You can use this bike on the small or smooth road for a regular ride. Just like any other regular bikes, this BMX bike is constructed with the flat frame, backward handlebar, front and rear u brakes, smooth tire, and short crank arms.

4. Bmx racing bike

Racing bikes are not like regular or stunt bikes. They need to be lightweight and smooth to ride. Likewise, the BMX racing bikes are constructed with lightweight yet strong material like aluminum or Chromoly. Then, to be able to ride the bike without getting tired, it comes with the upright sitting position, a tire with minimal knob thread and long crank arms. Each of the parts is designed and constructed for the rider to sit and paddle fast for racing comfortably.

5. Bmx for kids

There are BMX bikes for kids as well. Whether your child is a new or regular bike rider, the bike needs to be safe, strong and suitable for them. You can find diverse sizes of BMX bikes for kids. Also, the bikes are lightweight for them to handle in standing or riding position easily. The wheels also come with a stabilizer to protect children from accidents.

Why do you need the best BMX bikes?

As from the diverse types of BMX bikes, you already know the purpose of using this bike. However, even if you are not a hardcore biker or stunt maker, you may still need to have a BMX bike if you are fond of bike riding on the street. Wondering why?

Solely because of the build quality. The overall construction starting from the frame to the wheels make the bike strong and durable. At the same time, without compromising the build quality, the bike also comes lightweight. So you can enjoy biking, street riding, adventure or thrill worry-free when you have the BMX bike.

The frame of the bike is long and strong that no matter how rocky the road is or how hard you jump off, it will stay content and steady. Also, whenever you need a fast ride or during an emergency, you can enjoy accelerating bike riding, picking up speed even during jumps and tricks. Besides, this bike can help you release stress and maintain your fitness.

Riding a bike is great exercise. And, riding BMX bike help, you stay focused on ensuring effortless ride while burning calories. Also, the tires are strong, durable and can withstand stress and break, so you don’t need to worry about the roads during a ride. The grip of the tire is also strong, and you can swing or rotate in between rides and jumps without any friction.

Reviews of 6 Best BMX Bikes for Street Riding

To introduce you with the leading BMX bikes for street riding, here I have picked 6 top-quality bikes for you. Check out the features, quality, and drawbacks to easily decide which one you would go for. Additionally, to help you guide which bike to purchase, you can evaluate the bikes with the must-have features I have mentioned after the review section.

You can rely on the information I am including in the review because the review does not contain any falsifying information. Let’s get started with the first bike.

1. Elite 20” & 16″ BMX Bicycle The Stealth Freestyle Bike

best bmx bikes for street riding

Among all other freestyle bikes, this stealth bike from Elite bicycles is one of the best BMX freestyle bikes. Each of the components and build quality of the bike makes it a great vehicle to use on roads, parks and even on dirt. If you are a beginner biker or need a bike to practice stunt or want to use a bike for regular use, then you can check out this freestyle bike.

Though it is a cycle for beginners, the frame comes with a hi-tensile steel frame. The cycle frame is built with reinforced welds to add to its strength and durability. Besides, 2.5 tires will give you a smooth ride on the road and dirt. All these features indicate that this bike is a reliable one for regular use.

Additionally, to ensure you can sit properly and comfortably on the bike, you can set the seat as per your comfort level. Because the seat comes with an adjustable saddle and thick padded foam with 25.4 mm alloy post and seat clamp. Overall, it’s a complete bike that you can enjoy your ride on any street.

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  • It’s lightweight

  • Easy to assemble

  • Strong and reinforced Welded frame

  • 2.5 Tires with directional and angular raised tread

  • Comfortable and adjustable Saddle with seat clamp

  • Does not come with a detail instruction

2. Mongoose Legion Sidewalk Freestyle BMX Bike for Kids, Children and Beginner-Level Riders

best bmx bike reviews

This Mongoose freestyle bike is an ideal choice for children. If you are looking for a reliable BMX bike for kids or beginners, then you can have a look at its features. Since this cycle has been designed for children, the frames are smaller in size yet made of strong hi-ten steel material.

However, the size is a perfect fit for users who are less than 5 ft. Besides, to have proper control of the bike and rescue from accident, the bike comes with U brake. This feature will also help you to control the speed.

Also, to ensure the durability and longevity of the bike, the bike comes with an alloy chainring along with an American loose ball bottom bracket. Overall it’s a good bike for the children to learn bike riding and use it for fun or daily use. To know why I and My team select this one as the best BMX bikes for street riding, see the pros and cons.

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  • Attractive design

  • Easy to assemble

  • Strong and lightweight

  • Frame height suitable for children

  • Durable and strong steel handlebar and fork

  • Aluminum U-brake for precision speed control

  • Doesn’t have a pedal brake

3. TONY HAWK Dynacraft Park Series 720 Boys BMX Freestyle Bike

Best BMX for street riding

This bike from Tony Hawk is also a great choice for children. If you want your children to be a professional biker, Tony Hawk is a renowned brand that always satisfies and amazes its clients with an outstanding quality bike. Likewise, you will surely love the design and appearance of this bike.

Nonetheless, it’s a single-speed bike without gear. However, you can enjoy a smooth ride whenever you are on it. It also has an option to add a training wheel that you can use for your children to learn to ride a bike. Additionally, for safety, the bike comes with a U brake.

Besides, the tires are made of rubber material, which you can expect to last long. Overall, it is a good quality freestyle bike, and it can be an excellent bike for children.

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  • Durable tire

  • Easy to assemble

  • Strong construction

  • Lightweight and portable

  • Simple and elegant design

  • The seat is not much comfortable

4. X-Games FS20 Freestyle Bicycle

x-games best bmx bikes

Are you looking for a bike for a smooth ride? If so, then you should check out this X-Games 20″ FS20 freestyle bike. The sleek designed bike comes with sturdy construction. You will immediately feel like buying when you have a look at it.

Besides, the bike comes with a strong steel welded frame. Not only that, but the forks of the bike are also durable and can withstand stress. No matter whether you are on smooth or rocky roads, the bike tires will support you well. Also, the bike comes with alloy wheels and powerful brakes.

The handlebars are welded with cross brace along with alloy hand brakes in the front and rear to ensure your safety. So, if you want to ride in style with ensured safety, you should consider purchasing this bike from X games. This one is the best BMX bikes for street riding.

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  • Sturdy saddle

  • Easy to assemble

  • Front and rear hand brakes

  • Strong welded frame and fork

  • BMX handlebar with cross brace

  • Seems a bit heavy to carry

5. Redline Bikes Rival 20 Youth Freestyle BMX

best bmx freestyle bikes- Redline bikes rival

Do you want your children to enjoy a smooth bike ride? Then you should check this youth freestyle bike from Redline Bikes. This bike is suitable for children who are about the size of 4 ft and a half. Since it’s suitable for the kids, the bike comes with two vibrant colors, green and orange.

As I said, it’s a good bike for small children. The bike also comes with the shorter top tubes to add to their comfort. Besides, handlebars and seats will give them the desired comfort during the ride. Lastly, the important feature of the bike is the tire quality.

The tire is also of good quality, which will ensure your kid’s ride is smooth and fun. Overall, it’s a good bike to have for little children.

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  • Padded saddle

  • 8-inch big box handlebars

  • Features 19 inch top tube

  • Reliable handlebar and tire

  • Designed for short children up to 4’6”

  • Available in two colors only

  • Can be quite heavy for lightweight riders

6. Mongoose Legion Mag Freestyle BMX Bike

best bmx street bikes

Here is another bike from Mongoose. It’s also a freestyle BMX bike that comes with all the great features and functionality that usually are present in this company’s bikes. To begin with, the bike is made of Hi-ten steel framed and fork.

So, it’s certain that the bike is strong and sturdy. Since it is a freestyle bike, the frame and the tires can withstand tricks and stress. Additionally, the single-speed riding will give you a smooth ride as well.

The bike’s wheel came with cast aluminum mag and sealed bearings to add to its strength and durability. Also, to make your ride enjoyable, the 360-degree spin handlebar makes the bike even more desirable. Because of this, it is one of the best BMX bikes for street riding.

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  • Single-speed ride

  • Features alloy U brake

  • Strong and sturdy bike

  • 360-degree spin handlebar

  • Hi-ten steel BMX frame and fork

  • Cast aluminum mag wheels with sealed bearing

  • Seems a bit heavy

  • Would love improved paddles

What are the must-have features to consider while buying the best BMX street bikes?

No matter how expensive the BMX bike is or how renowned the brand is, it’s extremely important to be able to identify the quality of the bike before purchasing. Otherwise, you can invest your money on the bike that does not facilitate in your ride. There are a lot of factors you need to think about while you purchase a bike. As you are interested in buying BMX bike, here I would like to address some of the key features that will help you find the ideal one you need.

01. Size

When you purchase a bike, the size is extremely important. By size, I mean the size of the bike as well as the rider. If it is for children, then consider their height and choose the right bike for them.

02. Weight

Weight is important depending on the skill of the rider and the purpose of riding. If you need a strong and long-lasting bike, then the heavy ones will be beneficial for you. Also, it is a good choice for the beginner rider. However, they are less preferred for the experienced riders. The professional or experienced bikers tend to pick lightweight bikes because they are easy to handle and control. So, consider the weight depending on the type of ride you are going to have during purchase.

03. Construction

Construction or build quality is a significant aspect. If the bike is not built well, then it will not support you. In the end, you will experience damage, breakage or invest for a new bike. So, to purchase a BMX bike, always check for the material and how well the parts are constructed with each other.

Besides, some bikes come in parts that you need to assemble, and some are pre-assembled. Choose the one you prefer and don’t forget to check the quality of them.

04. Individual parts

Next, you need to check the individual parts of the bike carefully. Always pay attention to the brake type, handlebar, chain, pegs, and so on. You may notice brake type is versatile. Some bikes have a rear brake; some have no brakes at all. If you need a freestyle bike, then you should choose a steel tube peg because it stretches from the end of the bike wheel to survive over obstacles. Otherwise, for jumping or racing, you can go for regular pegs.

05. Riding style

As you have noticed the diverse types of BMX bike, you can also realize the riding style differ. The riding style depends on the brakes, handlebars, tire design, great, and overall the set up of the bike. So, choose considering your purpose, whether you need it for the stunt, jumping or racing and go for it accordingly.

What might happen if you don’t consider must-have features while buying the best BMX bike for street riding

Well, not considering the key features during your purchase of BMX bike can turn out to be a grave mistake. Why? Because there is a wide diversity in the bike, and each is designed and constructed for a certain purpose. Besides, in the key features, I have mentioned some aspects that will help you focus on certain features to evaluate the quality.

So, if you do not consider those aspects, you may end up biking the wrong bike. For instance, you are buying a BMX bike for your children, and you haven’t checked the paddle or saddle. So, this simple feature can give your children a troublesome ride. Also, if you pick a bike that is lightweight thinking that your kids will have the ease to carry.

Then, you can make the wrong decision because the lightweight bikes are suitable for the experienced riders because they can control the bike. Besides, it may not last long if the kids deal with accidents, breakage or damage. For children, it is good to go for a strong and sturdy bike, which is a bit heavy.

The biggest mistake you may make is purchasing the wrong type of bike. Since freestyle bikes are trendy and super cool, all users are fond of it. But, remember, it’s not for all types of users. Thus, it’s important to consider the riding style before purchase to save from the mistake. So, these are some of the examples of risk factors that may occur if you don’t consider the key features before buying the best BMX street bikes.

Benefits of the best Bmx bikes

Riding a bike itself is a great exercise. When it comes to BMX bike, there are some significant benefits that you won’t get from any other bikes. Find the below list of benefits you can enjoy from BMX bike.

The most remarkable advantage of having a BMX bike is you can enjoy an adventurous ride. Or, you can form your passion for bike stunts like jumping, racing or freestyle stunts. It’s a great vehicle to involve in biking sports.

You also have a variety of types to choose from in BMX bike. Whether you need a freestyle bike or go for jumping, dirt or racing, you can choose whichever you want. Each of the types also comes with some cool features and versatility. You can also customize your best BMX bikes for street riding.

Last but not least is the health benefits. By riding a BMX bike, you are having an enjoyable ride. However, it is a great exercise for the heart and reducing body fat. You don’t need to go to a gym to shed your sweat. Instead, you can enjoy nature on the best BMX bike and improve your health conditions like weight, muscles, blood circulation, etc. effortlessly.

Safety Precautions matter you must follow while riding Bmx bike

Riding a bike is fun yet risky at the same time. Any two-wheeler vehicle is prone to cause accidents no matter how good of a rider you are. As BMX bikes are mostly preferred for stunts and tricks, you need to make sure the safety precautions, whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider. So, from kids to adults, all types of bike riders should maintain the below safety precautions while riding a BMX bike.

Safety precaution for the bike

  • Always maintain to protect the bike in good condition
  • Before riding the bike check the brake, frame for any damage or break
  • Check the status of the brake and if it operates smoothly
  • Don’t forget to check the tire for leakage and inflate it before riding.
  • Grease the chain and brake properly
  • Make sure the handlebar and the paddle has good grip

Safety precaution for the biker

  • The first and foremost precaution you need to make sure is wearing protective gear.
  • Then, pick a helmet that can protect your head and cover your face.
  • Don’t forget to wear precaution for knee, shin, and elbow
  • Wear long-sleeve shirts, full-length trousers, socks, and comfortable shoes
  • Wear gloves that will help you have a good grip on the bike handlebar

Here is the short video of best BMX bikes for street riding

Finale Verdict

You are close to the end of the article, you must realize how amazing of a BMX bike is. There is a lot of variety and versatility to choose from just to make sure your ride is safe and fun. No other bike can give you the satisfaction, smooth ride, and performance that you will receive from riding a BMX bike. I hope, now you can easily choose the best BMX bikes for street riding for you.

When you are ready to invest your money on a bike, you deserve to get the best one. So, without any hesitation, grab the best BMX freestyle bikes you like. And, don’t forget to check out the must-have features to find the right one for you!

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