Top 5 Best Road Bikes for Climbing Hills: Reviews & Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide

Now you can enjoy your ride on the road and up above the hills only when you pick the best road bikes for climbing hills. Bikes are always a convenient and fast vehicle to drive on any surface. And, road bikes are incredible to pick up speed on flat roads or mountains. 

However, there are thousands of road bikes, and all of them are not capable of climbing hills. Hence, you need to be able to identify the type and features of the road bikes before you pick the best road bikes for hills. Sounds like a tough job?

Not to worry at all! In this article, I have picked some interesting and top quality road bikes to review that you can use to climb the hills. Additionally, to help you choose the right one, I am also sharing some key information like the necessity of road bikes for hills, advantages, key features, safety precautions of using the bike, and so on. 

So, if you are willing to pick the right road bike for roads and hills, you are in the right place. All you need to do is go through the review, and the information before you make up your mind. 

Why do you need the best road bike for hills?

Many users often wonder why to use a road bike, among other types, to climb hills. Well, the first reason is speed. If you want to climb the hills like a pro, then you would definitely enjoy the ride with a road bike. 

Besides, climbing the hills on a bike is not an easy job. You need to have the strength and proper balance no matter what bike you use. Compared to all other bikes, road bikes are strong and supportive enough to keep your balance and ensuring a good grip on the road with the traction. 

Also, you can drive the bike seating or standing position at a fast speed. So, you don’t have to push it so hard to waste your energy. Also, you can shift and descend the hills comfortably once you master the techniques. Most importantly, road bikes are lightweight and portable that you can ride on a flat surface and climb the hills without any hesitation.

In a hurry? Here is the best road bike for climbing hills

Schwinn Phocus 1400 and 1600 Drop Bar Road Bicycle for Men and Women

Best road bikes

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Top 5 best road bikes for climbing hills reviewed

Here I have picked 5 most popular road bikes that are suggested by the cyclists. Users who often climb the hills with road bikes are a great fan of these bikes due to their build quality and performance. Hence, I have chosen them to analyze the features, strengths, and drawbacks in the review. Here is the list of top 5 best road bikes for climbing hills.


1. Eurobike EURXC550 road bike.

2. Tommaso Forcella compact aluminum road bike with Carbon Fork.

3. Schwinn Phocus 1400 and 1600 – Men’s and Women’s Road Bike, Aluminum Frame.

4. 6KU city bike with single speed fixed gear.

5. Vilano Diverse 3.0 Performance 24-speed hybrid road bike with Shimano brakes.

These bikes are also from renowned brands so you can level up your expectations and grab the ones that fulfill your requirements.  Now let’s see the reviews.

1. Eurobike EURXC550 road bike – Best Budget road Bike

best eurobike

Whether you need a cycle for the flat road or ride around the lakes and hills, Eurobike is the first choice for the most. It’s not only one of the popular and leading brands in the bike world but also consistent in manufacturing high performing and durable road bikes. If you are looking for a branded and reliable road bike, then you must check out its features. 

Starting from the build quality, the bike comes with an aluminum frame and simple design. So, it’s a durable bike to withstand the bumps and stress while riding on the hills. Though the design is simple, you can also choose from different color ranges. 

Then, the traditional V brake system is there so that you can stop the power immediately. This feature is very important when climbing up and down the hills because stopping the speed and having control over is a tough challenge. Also, the brake system ensures your bike to last long, and it also comes with derailleurs and shifters.

Overall, the bike has the right features to support you on the hills and roads for long. Would you like to go for it?

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  • Easy to assemble 

  • Simple and diverse design 

  • Strong and durable aluminum rims 

  • Suitable for medium height to tall users 

  • Features 3-spoke wheels with traditional disk brake system

  • A bit heavier than most mountain bikes

2. Tommaso Forcella compact aluminum road bike with Carbon Fork – best road bike for hills

Bike for road riding

Are you looking for a simple, fast, and lightweight bike to ride on the hills? If so, then you should check this road bike from Tommaso. Tommaso is a trustworthy brand that manufactures top-quality bikes with Shimano groupsets. 

The most fascinating feature of this bike is, it perfectly fits the users. Starting from the handlebar, stem to crank arm length, every detail is optimized in size considering the user’s comfort. Additionally, the bike is designed to withstand vibration and heavyweight with the premium carbon fork. 

So, you can already assume how comfortable the ride would be, and you don’t need to worry about vibration, bumps, or damage on the bike due to the unfriendly hilly roads. Also, the bike frame also gives users the freedom to customize or install racks, fenders, and accessories you need. 

Overall, the features and build quality of the bike makes it a reliable and durable one. If you are looking for a high performing road bike, then this can be the one!

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  • Lightweight and durable 

  • Can withstand vibration and weight 

  • Assures smooth and consistent shifting 

  • Made of a compact aluminum frame with HCT carbon fork 

  • Comes with Shimano groupset with a wide range of gears

  • Requires professional help to assemble

3. Schwinn Phocus 1400 and 1600 – The best road bike for men and woman

Best road bikes

It’s a stylish looking bike, to begin with. Schwinn is one of the renowned names in bike manufacturing since 1895 for creating extensive quality and innovative bikes for men and women. This Schwinn Phocus 1400 and 1600 Drop Bar Road Bicycles is the perfect example, and its unisex design is suitable for all users. 

The bike comes with a strong and long-lasting aluminum frame. Unlike most bikes, this bike comes with a responsive system. Because the frame is equipped with carbon fiber that not only makes it a fast bike but also efficient enough to withstand shock and vibration on the agile road. 

Additionally, the 14 speed rear derailleur and integrated brake lever ensure quick and comfortable gear shifting. You can also easily adjust the saddle, wheel, and height of the bike as per your height. Certainly, it’s a great bike for a workout, climbing, or regular road ride in any weather.

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  • Lightweight, fast and strong 

  • wide gear range with alloy crank 

  • Quick and easy front-wheel release 

  • Build with Schwinn aluminum road frame with a carbon fiber rigid road fork 

  • Assure satisfactory braking with Promax alloy dual pivot caliper road brakes

  • Some users find the seat bulky

  • The front brake isn’t comfortable for all users 

4. 6KU city bike with single speed fixed gear – The best road bike for a beginner

best bike for climbing hill

Are you looking for a budget-friendly road bike for a beginner cyclist? Then, the 6KU Aluminum single-speed urban bike is here for you. Actually, this brand is known for manufacturing affordable bikes for learners who want to learn biking and practice techniques. 

Though the price range is comparatively low than the most bikes, the quality of this bike is still satisfactory. So, without any regret, you will get what you pay for. So, it’s a simple bike that comes with a wide range of colors and the right features. 

Not only the bike is made of a solid alloy frame, but it also ensures the rider can easily navigate. Hence the urban track comes with riser bars. Besides, each part made of stainless steel is strongly and smoothly welded so, you don’t need to worry about durability or damage when you are riding this bike in your learning period. 

Overall, it’s a good bike to begin your cycling journey for exercise, daily use, or practice biking techniques investing only minimal budget. 

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  • Coms with easy releasing front brakes

  • Lightweight bike in a budget-friendly price 

  • Can ride on fixed gear or freewheel with flip flop hub 

  • Ensures long-lasting alloy frame coupled with alloy fork 

  • Features deep V double-wall alloy wheels with a flip-flop hub

  • Not suitable for small height users 

  • Only recommended for beginner users

5. Vilano Diverse 3.0 Performance 24-speed – Best climbing bikes

Best road bike for climbing hills

Here is another budget-friendly bike from Vilano bikes. This brand has gained popularity for manufacturing innovative bike at an affordable price without compromising quality. If you are in a tight budget but looking for a good quality bike to ride on the hills, then you must check this hybrid road bike. 

Speaking of quality, like any top quality bikes, this Vilano bike comes with a hybrid frame and fork. This feature makes this bike a strong one. And to ensure satisfactory performance, the bike comes with disc brakes. So, you can stop the bike smoothly and safely whenever you need it. 

Besides, to add comfort in your journey, the bike features upright handlebars. It means you can ride on the bike, relaxing the back, and giving less pressure on your arms. 

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  • Affordable and lightweight 

  • Hybrid aluminum frame and fork

  • Smooth and safe stop with disc brakes 

  • Comfortable upright handlebar for Comfort

  • Comes rear derailleur and Shimano shifters 

  • Requires professional help for tuning 

  • Lacks detail instructions for assembling

How to get the best road bike for hills – Buying guide 

All road bikes are not suitable for climbing hills. If you want to buy a road bike to ride on the road and also climb on the hills, then you must find the right one that can support you on different types of surfaces. Mostly road bikes are designed to ride on flat roads. However, some road bikes can perform well, even in the hills. For this, you need to pay attention to certain features to identify the bike that can perform as per your expectations on the roads and paths of the hills. 

Must have the feature to consider while buying a road bike for climbing hill

When you are gonna buy a road bike must keep in mind some feature. If you also want to ride on the hills must follow the feature given below. 

1. Frame design 

First of all, you need to check out the frame design. You may find all bikes or all-road bikes look the same. However, there is a slight difference in the frame design. Since you need a bike for climbing hills, the frame design needs to be well supported for that matter. 

Depending on the frame design, you can tell if the bike is for sport or race. If you are looking for occasional use or around 150 miles a week, then you should go for sport geometry frame design. But, if you are planning to prepare for the race, then you need to go for a performance geometry frame. This type of bike is more aerodynamic, responsive, and flexible. 

2. Material

Next, the durability or build quality depends on the material used. Usually, bikes construction contains aluminum, alloy, carbon fiber, and stainless steel. Aluminum bikes are more popular for durability and smooth ride. They are less expensive too. 

On the other hand, carbon fiber ensures comfort and vibration-absorbing quality. Hence, they are a bit expensive. When you are buying a road bike, you can get a combination of aluminum and carbon fiber in the front fork for quality assurance at an affordable price. 

3. Cranksets and gear

Cranksets refer to the number of chainrings used for the pedals. Road bikes often come with double, triple or compact cranksets. And cranksets are gear interrelated. 

Road bikes with triple cranksets or chainrings are paired with a 9-speed cassette on the rear wheel. So, it means the bike will have 27 gears. Such bikes are good for beginner cyclists. 

On the other hand, the double or compact crankset has two chainrings in the front. And, they are paired with a 10-speed cassette so that it will give 20 gears. Such bikes are good for intermediate level cyclists who also make the bike suitable for sports. 

Buying tip: If you are new to road cycling or you’re going to be riding up steep hills or canyons, you will want a triple or compact crankset. Strong cyclists and flat-land cyclists may prefer a double.

4. Wheels

Then comes the wheels. The wheel also decides how well the bike will perform. When you are buying a bike, check out the quality of the tire and spikes. Since you are going to buy a road bike for climbing hills, it would be better to pick lightweight wheels. It will climb faster. Also, make sure the bike wheel can withstand the weight and responsive to vibration. 

5. Pedals

If your targeted bike comes with pedals, then check out the shape and functionality. If you need to purchase an additional pedal, then go for the pedals that have clip-in features. This type of pedal can keep your fit closed and secured in pedals so you won’t have any chance to slip your feet off of it. 

6. Brake lever and gear shifting

Before these two parts were separated. But, now, in most bikes, you will find brake lever and gear shifting are integrated. Usually, Shimano models are the most popular and reliable. Before you purchase, check out the mechanism well. Then, you should also see if you can grip the handlebars properly and comfortably. If you need to adjust the lever as per your reach, make sure it has the adjustment mechanism. 

7. Performance

If you are purchasing from the bike shop, you should test ride before purchasing. Also, check if the size is compatible with your height, and you can stay relaxed and comfortable. However, if you are not purchasing from a shop and depending on online, then look out the product reviews and expert advice. Then, you can have an understanding of the performance of the targeted bike. 

What might happen if you don’t consider must-have feature

The features mentioned above are extremely important. Because you are purchasing a road bike that you are intending to use for climbing hills. If you don’t consider the features how will you know if the targeted bike has the capability and efficiency to ride on the bumpy and narrow pathways on the hills! 

Besides all road bikes are not for climbing hills. You may get the best road bike from the shop; it may not have the ability to withstand the stress, shock, vibration, and some other difficulties. Most importantly, people use road bikes for climbing hills because they can speed up while driving up the hills. 

If you don’t consider the features that help you riding on the hills such as the wheel, frame, gear, brakes, then the bike may cause your speed to slow down. You may need to literally push the bike hard and hurt your leg muscles and spine. Besides all of these risk factors, if you don’t consider the key features, you cannot expect the bike to last long. 

And, as a result, you may need to pay for repairing job, replacing parts and even buy a new bike. So, it’s always better to consider the key features to reduce the risk and make the best investment of the money while buying the road bike for climbing hills.

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Benefits of using the best road bike while climbing hills

Cycling is an extensive cardio exercise. When you are biking up above the hills, the exercise gets more intense, and you get more benefits. What are they? Find them below 

You might be an okay cyclist. But, when you ride on the hills, you can actually master some of the real techniques such as shifting or descending. These are some of the techniques people use during bike racing. It’s extremely difficult keeping pace with the surface, gear, and speed. But eventually, you can understand when to incline or slow down the speed. 

It can be a great start if you ever want to be a cycle racer. Then, the most important benefit you will receive is physical strength. Your whole body gets worked up when cycling, especially your leg muscles. Climbing the cycle up above the impact of the hills on your leg muscles, cells, and fibers, which not only increase physical strength by increasing blood circulation but also toned up the muscles from within. 

Usually, working out at the gym is monotonous. But, if you want motivation for fitness, the hills are the best place. When you are exhausted with your pained legs and gasping lungs reaching above the hills, you can take a break looking at the surrounding serene beauty to refresh yourself. It will boost up your confidence and encourage you to climb even more. 

Apart from all these, the biggest benefit you can achieve from climbing the hills using road bikes is, you can dream of being a racer someday. The roads around the hills challenge you with unpredictable roads, narrow pathways, or bumpy surfaces. You can take the opportunity to practice your speed and learn the technique of balance and control while climbing up and down the unpredictable surface of hills. 

You can also master paddling the bike sitting and standing position and figure out how to increase more power. It’s a great technique you would need to be a racer. 

Safety precautions while climbing the hill by road bike

Climbing the hills with a bike is not an easy job. It’s a good exercise and a thrilling experience. However, it also has some health risks too. If you follow the tips below, then you can protect yourself from any unwanted risks ahead of time. 

Wear breathable clothes. Because you are going to sweat a lot and heavy clothes can make you feel suffocated. Light clothes will keep you relaxed, and you can enjoy the wind during the ride. 

Wear a helmet, comfortable shoes, wind protection goggles, gloves, and knee caps. These items will protect you from injuries if any accident occurs. 

If you are cycling during day time, don’t forget to wear sunblock. It will keep your skin protected from irritation, sunburn, and UV rays. 

Stay hydrated. You are going up the hills, and bike riding is an extreme cardio exercise. So, carry a water bottle in your cycle to keep yourself hydrated. 

Know how much you are going to climb and prepare yourself mentally and physically. For that, calculate your heart rate and practice riding the cycle at the speed you can withstand. 

Make sure all parts of the cycle are well-formed and adjusted. Also, the wheels are properly inflated.  

If you feel like falling on the ground, try to fall on the flat space and avoid the brow of the hill.  read about the unicycles for a newbie.


Question: Is it hard to ride a road bike?

Answer: I want to ask a question, what you think? And the answer is a big no. In the past year, it may get some hard to ride a road bike. But in the modern age, it is easy to ride a road bike. Sometimes it’s getting hard in the windy condition.

Question: Are road bikes Good for hills?

Answer: It depends. Not every road bike is perfect for the hills. But there are some really best road bikes for climbing hills. Look at our top pick road bike, i is a good one for the hill. A good rood bike for hills should have three chainrings in the front so that you can ride easily.

Question: Which bike is best for hills?

Answer: There are many bikes, which are best for climbing a hill. Among of them Schwinn Phocus 1400 and 1600 – Men’s and Women’s Road Bike, Aluminum Frame is the best road bike for climbing hills. If you look at it’s building quality, you find that it is a great fit for climbing.

Finale verdict

I am at the end of the review of the best road bikes for climbing hills. I hope you have enjoyed reading the article and found some important information. It’s time to get the best bike for climbing hills. 

You can have complete faith in our review. Because all the information in this article is true, and products are reviewed from a neutral perspective. We do not allow any wrong or fabricated information. So, you can pick any of the bikes you desire

Which one are you going to buy? Before you do so, make sure you consider the key features that are present in your targeted bike.  Also, read the bike for beach sand.

Enjoy your ride, and don’t forget to share your experience with us.

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