Top 5 Best unicycles for beginners: Reviews & Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide

Are you looking for the best unicycles for beginners at a budget-friendly price? Riding the unicycle is actually fun and thrilling. Since it’s a cycle with a single wheel, you gotta find the best one without compromising the price. How so?

Because no cycle manufacturing brands are not going to claim their cycle is of moderate or poor quality. To increase their sales, they highlight the prominent features only through marketing or advertisement. As a consumer, it’s very easy to get convinced and make the decision by appearance.

Then, how do you find the right one! Don’t panic. It’s very easy if you know the techniques. Actually, it’s a time-consuming job to do the research, analyzing the quality and reading through the reviews to make the ultimate decision, Hence, to make the job easy and convenient for you here I have chosen 5 best quality unicycles to review.

Additionally, I am also going to discuss some important information about unicycles such as type, key features, benefits and safety precautions to help you make the right purchase decision.

Which One Is The Best Unicycles for Beginners

If you want to master your skills in riding unicycles, it’s always better to choose the beginner ones to learn first. As you have already seen there are many types of unicycles with a specific purpose, you need to choose the right one, to begin with. Once you know how to ride, you can easily invest in the one you have ever dreamt of.

First of all, choose the unicycles that have small wheels. Usually, for beginners, it’s better to start with 20 inches wheel. They are easy to maneuver and you can have control and balance over the cycle. Also, the cycle with small wheels is small in height so that you can easily mount and dismount whenever you need it.

Also, choose small wheels with wide tires. Such tires are more stable and durable. They can withstand bump, stress or crank and you can have a proper balance over the cycle. Then, choose the cycle that comes with a seat and handle. You can sit comfortably and operate the cycle. Once you know how to ride the unicycle, you can upgrade to the one that has no handles if you want.

However, from the above-mentioned types, you can go for the indoor unicycles or flatland unicycle to start your learning period. Make sure you choose the cycle with 20 inches wheel and long cranks. Also, read about the street bikes.

Top 5 Best Unicycles for Beginners Reviewed

Here, I am going to review five of the best unicycles perfectly suitable for beginners. In this review, I am addressing the key features, their importance and analyze them to find out the strengths and drawbacks of unicycles. Let’s get started.

1. Sun 24 Inch Classic Chrome – Best unicycle for adults

Sun 24 inch classic unicycles

This classic chrome cycle from Sun Bicycles is one of the favorite unicycles for beginners. The best aspect of this cycle is you can find it in diverse sizes. Starting from 16 inches to 28 inches, you can pick any unicycle for kids and adults.

Besides, as the size differs, you can also adjust the related parts according to your comfort level. So, it’s a perfect unicycle with the perfect fit. Additionally, to protect you from injuries and give you more comfort, the saddle comes with a built-in scuff guard. You can also adjust the seat according to your requirements.

Now, regarding the durability, the unicycle comes with a steel frame. It not only makes the cycle lightweight and strong but also gives the efficiency to withstand stress. Above all, these great cycles come at an affordable price which is a great deal to not miss.

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  • Budget-friendly price

  • Lightweight and durable

  • Adjustable seat with built-in scuff guard

  • Hi-tensile steel frame for strong build quality

  • Quick-release seat clamp for easy and quick seat adjustment

  • Needs improved parts quality

2. AW 24″ Inch – Best unicycle for indoor

best unicycles

AW is one of the top brands for manufacturing unicycles. This 24-inch wheel unicycle is best among the best quality unicycles up to now. To begin with, it comes with an attractive price with ensured quality.

The simple design with a touch of red in the fork frame gives it an elegant look. Besides, the 24 inch wheel with 24″ x 2.125″ skid proof tire makes it an ideal unicycle for the rough route. Because what makes the cycle unique from the rest is the ensured leakage protection butyl inner tire.

This technology not only makes it a strong and durable unicycle but also reduces the need for inflating for a long time. To add strength to the cycle, the frame is made of manganese steel and rim comes with alloy aluminum with extra thickness. Considering the mesmerizing features, this cycle becomes an ideal choice for beginners as well as professional users. Take the best unicycles for beginners.

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  • User-friendly design

  • Made of manganese steel

  • Comes with skid-proof durable mountain tire

  • Large comfortable saddle with quick release seat post clamp

  • Long-lasting alloy aluminum rim with powder-coated steel fork

  • Needs to add additional seat post for tall user

  • The instruction manual doesn’t specify the weight limit

3. AW 16″ Inch – Best quality unicycle

Monociclo unicycles for beginners

Here is another unicycle from AW for you. It’s also a popular unicycle with a small size wheel with good quality features. If you are looking for an outdoor unicycle, then it can be your perfect partner.

The cycle comes with simple but elegant design. Additionally, the 16-inch wheel makes it a fast cycle which is perfect for sport and fitness. And, the skid-proof mountain tire makes it efficient to withstand pressure, stress, and obstacles on the road.

As you are going to use it outdoors, the frame needs to be strong and durable. Hence, the cycle comes with an extraordinary manganese steel frame and heavy bearing. All the parts of this cycle have been built considering the user’s comfort and ease. It’s a great cycle for beginners as well as professionals.

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  • Can withstand up to 110 lbs

  • Large saddle with quick release seat post clamp

  • Small size 16 inches wheel with 2.125 inches tire

  • Features skid-proof mountain tire with inner tire leakage protection

  • Comes with manganese steel frame and heavy manganese bearing

  • Seat needs constant fixating

  • Instruction manual requires more detail

4. AW 18″ Inch – Best unicycles for newbie

AW 18 inch wheel unicycle

AW’s unicycles are always top-notch. Hence, users are inclined to purchase for themselves and recommend others. Here is another unicycle from this brand that is also strongly recommended by real users. This unicycle comes with 18 inches wheel which is the best fit for sports, fitness and outdoor activities.

From the wheel size, you can already assume how flexible and fast the cycle would be. Just like any other AW unicycle, this cycle also comes with a skid-proof mountain tire on the outer tire. And, leakage protection butyl is ensured in the inner tire. So, you don’t need to worry about inflating the tire frequently.

Besides, the cycle has been designed considering the comfort and body position of the user. It’s also a suitable cycle for professionals and novices. Hence, the build quality is strong and durable so that it can withstand pressure, stress, accidents and any sort of obstacles. this one is the best unicycles for beginners.

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  • Strong and durable

  • Can withstand up to 132Lbs

  • Features adjustable height and seat

  • Fast and durable 18″ wheel with 2.125″ Tire

  • Simple design with an attractive color combination

  • Seat seems hard

  • Poor quality seat clamp

  • Suitable for kids under 10

5. Sun Unicycle Flat Top 24 – best unicycle to learn on

Best unicycles for beginners

Our final product is from Sun bicycles. As you already know the quality of the cycles from this brand, the brand value already assures the reliability. Let’s get directly into the features of this cycle

Sun cycles are always strong and durable. Because they manufacture their cycle with a solid stainless steel frame. The same feature is evident in this unicycle. The flat-top steel frame can support you in any position when you are in your learning period.

The most fascinating factor of this cycle is strength and safety. Hence, the cycle assures saddles with rear and front protectors. Additionally, the strong and long-lasting sealed bearing hub makes the cycle an efficient one. And, the wheel size makes it a perfect choice for beginners.

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  • Strong and durable

  • Ensures fast-rolling street tread

  • Comes with high quality sealed bearings Hub

  • Features flat top heavy-duty stainless steel frame

  • Comfortable saddle with rear and front protectors

  • Expensive unicycle for beginners

  • Might seem too tall for average height users

Find a best Unicycle – Buying Guide for the Beginners

Whether you are searching for the best unicycles for adults or beginners, to find the most suitable one you need to know some qualifying features. As you need a unicycle for the beginner, it’s important to choose the one that can withstand stress and also supportive to learn the techniques. Even though you have a limited budget, it’s important to purchase the right product that is worth the money.

Must-have Features to Consider While buying a unicycle

When you are gonna buy any unicycle must look for some special feature. Here are a few key features that will help you find the best unicycles for beginners.


First of all, you need to decide which type of unicycle you should choose for beginners. Unicycles that comes with a comfortable seat, basic tire, the traditional frame will be suitable to begin your learning period.


There are not many parts in a unicycle. But, for a beginner, it’s important to choose a cycle with a comfortable saddle. Because the saddle is going to support you to keep the balance. Also, in your learning period, you may encounter injuries or riding the cycle for long can give you a soar hip. So, to focus on riding the cycle and master the techniques without any hindrance, you should pick a unicycle with a comfortable saddle.


After you ensure a good seat, you should also pay attention to the bumpers. It’s used to give protection to the cycle. Since you are in your learning period, you may fall off the cycle or any accident can happen. Hence, the bumpers will keep the cycle content and durable.


For any beginner unicycle rider, choosing the cycle with a handlebar is a must. Some unicycles come with handlebars and some don’t. But, to master the technique of ensuring balance and stability, you need to start with the handles. Just choose handles that come with a small rim.

Saddle foam

The comfort of the saddle will come from the foam. You can add the extra layer of foam into the seat or choose the bike that already has such a seat. However, it’s not the most important factor to have. You can always add your level of comfort to the saddle as you want.


The next feature to pay attention to is the pedals. Most unicycles come with plastic pedals. They are okay, to begin with, but they are prone to break. They are cheap too, so you can replace them anytime. To get a bit more durability in the plastic pedals, you can choose the reinforced plastic pedals. Once you are comfortable riding unicycles, you can also replace them with metal ones. They are durable and wide to rest your feet.


A beginner unicycle ride should choose the average size wheel which is 20”. They are neither small nor big. If the wheel is too small, they will run your cycle slow. On the other hand, if the wheel is too big, it will be difficult to keep balance. So, choose the average size or the right size to learn riding unicycle comfortably first.

Seat post

Then, pay attention to the seat post. It shouldn’t be too long or too short. Just pick the right size where you can easily reach the pedal sitting straight and resting the feet comfortably. To understand if the unicycle’s seat post is right for you, check out the length of the inseam.

Frame quality

Usually, a good quality unicycle frame is made of aluminum or steel. Both materials are strong and durable to withstand stress, weight, and pressure. However, steel is a bit heavier, but they are flexible and durable. Nevertheless, aluminum frame unicycles are lightweight and strong. However, they are a bit expensive and has less flexibility like steel.

What might happen if  you don’t consider the must-have features

Seeing the diversity of unicycles out there, you may have already assumed how important it is to consider the key features before purchasing. Because riding the unicycle isn’t easy for a beginner. There is a lot of chances to cause accidents and injuries. Hence, it’s important to be careful and pay attention to the important features before making the purchase and choose the suitable one.

Though most unicycles look the same, there are still some differences depending on the purpose of riding the cycle. For instance, the indoor unicycle wheel size is a bit smaller than the outdoor unicycle. Also, the thickness of the tire is different. So, the simple change has an immense impact.

Depending on the size of the wheel and thickness of the tire will decide how fast and smooth the ride will be. So, it’s important to pay attention to these features so that you can learn to balance and stability before beginning the journey. Then, most users have a tendency to get the best product without considering the budget.

But, it would be wise to make the best investment in the right budget. Because certainly, the most wanted unicycle would have fascinating features and expensive price range. As a beginner, it wouldn’t be to bag the best one investing a lot of money, when you don’t know how to ride it.

You may also result in damaging the unicycle and pay more price to repair. Therefore, to reduce the extra cost and make your learning period safe and comfortable minimizing the risk of injuries, you must pay attention to the important features and pick the right unicycle before purchase.

What are The Types of Unicycles?

Though unicycles are a single wheel simple vehicle, there is a wide variation in its types. It’s important to know the types beforehand because each type is suitable for riders depending on their cycle riding proficiency. Check out all types of unicycles mentioned below.

1. Freestyle Unicycle

Now unicycles are also preferred for stunts and entertainment. If you are also fond of art and thrill, then, the freestyle unicycle would seem mesmerizing to you. Usually, a single user or a group of stunners use this type of cycle for circus, performance, gymnastics, ice skating and so on.

The main feature of the cycle is the 20” wheel. The wheel is about medium width wrapped with a smooth tire. There is also a flat top to place the foot. And most of them come with short cranks.

2. Outdoor Unicycle

For a regular ride on the road, you can choose the outdoor unicycle. The wheel of such cycles is a bit larger than the freestyle ones. Because, when you are outdoors for the regular ride or roaming around, you can ride faster with the large wheel. The wheel size is about 24” to 29” for an outdoor unicycle.

3. Mountain Unicycle

Mountain unicycles are also fast and they are designed to ride in the mountains. Usually, such a unicycle’s wheel size is about 24”, 26”, or 29” with a fat knobby tire. The bike also has a brake under the seat and long cranks. Overall, such cycles are strong, durable and fast to ride on the mountains safely and smoothly.

4. Touring Unicycle

If you are looking for a unicycle for a tour, you can also find a suitable one for this purpose. The specialty of this cycle is, it can travel around 100 miles in a day. The wheel of such a cycle is small and fast.also, it comes with a small handle and seat. If you want you can add cranks or brakes in the cycle.

5. Racing Unicycle

Unicycles are also used for racing. Such a cycle can ride on specific tracks and street races. Usually, the racing cycles come with 24 inches wheel and 125 cranks. Overall, the cycle is lightweight, slim and suitable for a smooth ride.

6. Street Unicycle

Street unicycle will give you the feeling of skateboarding. When you are on the street, you need to deal with stairs, sidewalks, parks, railings and so on. But, with the street unicycle, you can easily overcome the obstacles with the 19 inches wheel and knobby tire. Also, the seat is positioned very low to safely ride on the streets.

7. Flatland Unicycle

Though flat land unicycles are similar to the street ones, it has a limitation that it cannot overcome or use the obstacles. Such cycles come with 19 inches wheel, small tire, and short cranks.

8. Giraffe Unicycle

Giraffe unicycles are not for regular use. You may have seen such a cycle in parade or circus performance. Usually, this type of cycle is very tall at most 8 ft. and large 20 inches wheel. The pedals and cranks are connected together with the chain.

Safety Precautions to Follow while Riding a Unicycle as a Newbie

Unicycles are fun but risky to ride. Especially for beginners, you must ensure safety precautions to protect yourself and your cycle. Below are some of the precautionary tips that you can follow while learning and practicing to ride the unicycle.

  • The first and foremost thing you must do is to wear a helmet. Choose the one that fits well on your head and stay secured with the chin strap.
  • If you are riding on a wet surface, chances are that you may fall. Wear gloves for good grip and knee caps.
  • Also, wear comfortable shoes that have a good grip on the pedals.
  • Protect your legs with shin guards and pants.
  • Protect your hands with wrist guard and elbow wrap.
  • Try practicing on a flat and dry surface to avoid slipping and mastering balance.
  • Avoid rapid speed acceleration and sudden turn.

Here is the video of how to learn unicycles. It will help you to learn. 

Final Verdict

I am at the end of the best unicycles for beginners’ reviews. Though there are many brands manufacturing diverse quality unicycles, not all of them are for beginners. The 5 unicycles in this article are suitable and supportive for the beginners. Also, read about the electric unicycle.

You may also pick any of the unicycles you want. However, before you do so, you must pay attention to its features and qualify the quality considering the key features that a beginner user must need. Also, look for the feature that you require as a user.

Also, read the health benefits of cycling.

Nevertheless, you may pick any of the products from the recommended list. Because each of the unicycles has been chosen what any novice user would need and which product would be worth the money to learn and master the skills of riding unicycles. so let’s pick the best unicycles for you.


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