13 Bike Riding Tips For Beginners in 2020

Riding bikes not only raises the fitness, mobility, flexibility of your body but also improves and strengthens your bones. Riding bikes also reduces the probability of many diseases. Riding a bike has scientifically proved that it can decrease depression, stress, and many kinds of mental problems. Last, it’s a significant source of enjoyment.

AT first, buy a bike, keeping in mind that on what purpose you will ride. There are some types of bike that given below:

  • Fold up Bike
  • Mountain Bike
  • Road Bike
  • Electric Bikes And more.

If you purchase a bike from any local shop, they will offer you free services for a specific time, like six months or one year.

Stand on the top of your bike. There must be at least 2 inches of clearance between you and the tube bar.

After purchasing your desired bike, make sure some accessories for your bike.  Remember to follow the bike safety tips.

Bike riding tips for beginners

Bike accessories that you must check before riding


A helmet is the most important thing for your bike. Wearing a helmet can make you safe from traumatic brain injury, disability injuries, and also from death.


In case you are planning to leave your bike somewhere.

Checking Puncture

It’s a common technical fault. Whenever you go out, take at least two extra inner tubes, and before bike riding, learn to replace an inner tube. 

Shoes and Gloves

Shoes are another essential thing. In case of clipping into the pedals, Bike riding shoes are, must. It would help if you needed gloves, especially in winter.

Wheels and Handlebars

Wheels should be straight, secure, and release quickly. Handlebars must be placed and turned easily. 


If you can not stop break quickly, then seek help from an experienced technician.

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13 Bike Riding tips for beginners – including rules

1. Following Rules

Always obey a traffic signal, light, speed limit, landmarks, etc. Before entering the street, checking traffic by looking left-right-left. Not to swerve in a lane or out of traffic.

2. Visibility

To increase your visibility in winter, dawn, low light, or at night, wear neon or Florence color. You can also wear reflective clothing, such as jackets, patches, wristbands. Please install a bike reflector on both the back and front side of your bike. 

3. Predictability and Courtesy

Both are the key to safe riding. Make eye contact, smile, and see the difference. 

4. Horns

To alert pedestrians or any vehicle use horns, bells, or voice alerts. 

5. Bottom Bracket

It must be nicely adjusted to move freely with no play.

6. Watch Out

Unconventional kinds of obstacles can occur in your path like potholes, wet leaves, open drainage, etc.

7. Avoiding Headphones while riding

It can make a hazardous effect if you don’t hear bells or horns of vehicles. Sometimes It can be an emergency. If you want to have music, set up a small clip radio in your cycle and a little speaker that can be attached to your jersey.

8. Single and Multiple lane intersections

Keep riding right but make sure to away from the edge of the road. Before turning, give the signal and watch out for others. 

A stoppage at the intersection will give you a chance to have eye contact, to choose the right lane to drive. U-turn and wait for a break in traffic. 

9. Keeping your head Upwards

To look far enough so you can avoid any obstacles, always keeping your head up. 

10. Confidence On the road

Ride your bike at least a meter from the edge of the way. This will make you easy to move around any path holes, vehicles, or pedestrians. It will also make other road users give you space for overtaking.

11. Looking Over By the shoulder

At first just glance back. At the time PF loving again over the should help you, the primary purpose is to redistribute maximum weight to the turning side and consequently to the handlebars. Maintain speed. This will help you ride straight. 

12. Eating Habit

Don’t eat dense food or fast foods before riding the bike. It will hamper your riding and sometimes will cause you vomiting. Eat light food, for example, banana, bread, juice, and some kinds of fruits.

13. Don’t ride too much at first

You need to learn and build up slowly and gradually. Too much riding at a time will lead you to join pain, feel suffocation, headache, etc. 

Last Words

This is the overall bike riding tips for Beginners. Beginners must follow these tips for easy, enjoyable, and safe riding. If you do not follow the tips and the rules it may cause a serious accident. We always say that ride safely and go home safely.  Buy a perfect road bike or Bmx Bike for street riding. Ride and Enjoy life.

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