Bike Safety Tips for Adults

For adults, bike riding is a fabulous way of being independent. But the most important thing to remember is that it is a vehicle, not a toy because the bike is also a source of most of the accidents and injuries. If you know the bike safety tips for adults or for the newbie, you will avoid the accident.

Youngsters have got a violent passion for bike riding that leads to accidents more or less. But that doesn’t mean bike riding bike needs to be stopped. But take precautionary measures to reduce it. So, be calm and receive some bike safety tips, especially you adults, but first, let us get to know what causes a bike accident.

What Causes Bike Accidents?

Around 60% bikers ride their Bike at their own will. They don’t even know all the safety tips as well as the vehicle by which accident is caused. Most accident causes for reckless driving. Adult bikers ride their bikes at full speed, sometimes the road is too slippery, and the bike tire slips what causes the accident. At night time, the bikers don’t even see the holes in the street. That’s also a reason for the accident.

The first fear

We asked bikers to tell the number one thing you fear in case of bike riding. So, in return, they said that they are concerned about the dangers regarding the rush of cars unpredictably. Perhaps they said it because they knew bike accident has the chance to cause the most severe effect. According to most bikers, heavily loaded vehicles are the biggest fear for them.

Bike Safety Tips for Adults in 2020

Bike safety tips for adults

When you are going to ride a bike you just need to follow some rules and if you have some good tips you will avoid the accident. Here are some tips for you.

1. Choosing the right Bike for you

  • A properly sized bike for you can help you to be safe.
  • By checking the size, like when you are on the Bike, you must make sure that both feet are flat on the ground.
  • It is easy to be safe by following 1 to 3 inches between you and the bar top. You can also ask your mom or dad; they are the best advisors.

 2. Road Rules

Before riding on the street, you must follow some rules.

  • Make sure your hands are always on the handlebars.
  • At the time of leaving your driveway, you must follow the traffic on both rights and went the direction.
  • Be safe at the time of cross at intersections.
  • By following traffic rules, you can also use the crosswalk at the time of busy intersections by walking your bike.
  • Be a good biker. Stop all stop points following traffic rules.
  • IF you find anywhere bike lane, use that.

3. Safe riding tips

Before riding your Bike, you have to make sure that it is ready to ride. You always have to check your Bike for Suring. All parts are secure, and those are working correctly.

a. before riding Bike

You have to wear a bike helmet that is properly fit and adjustable for you, and it is the essential bike safety tips for adults. Suppose you are going to a close distance riding to your Bike, yet you have to wear your helmet. Now you have the question to ask me why I am telling you to put your mask always on; it is because it can frequently save your life from a dangerous crash. It will also help to protect your face, head and brain In case you fall down. That’s why it is essential. I can tell you an important tip that I created, and it helps me a lot when I ride my Bike. I put some reflective type of stickers on my helmet; it helps another driver to see me better. It is good to wear bright clothes so that other people can see you. If people or additional drivers can see you well, it means there is less chance that they will run into you.

You will have to make sure that, on your bike, nothing will get caught like loose pants or shoelaces. It is better to wear shoes; you cannot grip on your paddles comfortably, wearing sandals, or flip ­flops. In the case of mine, when I ride my bike, I put my hand gloves on; it helps me to grip the handlebars, and I look professional on it. You can also try.

b. Checking your bike

  • Tires are puffed properly.
  • Brakes are well and tight enough.
  • Make sure the bike chain is running readily.

c. On the road

  • You always have to obey the traffic signal. Before making a turn, still, you have to look behind, then it comes to sign and then position yourself in the proper full lane.
  • At the time of passing a pedestrian or another biker, warn them with your bike bell, it is also a part of bike safety tips for adults.
  • You have to careful on your street ground because sometimes there are glasses, rocks, or street holes which can cause an accident.

Moreover, you have to learn to control your bike by taking the training. Always think about you, your family. I am not praising myself, but it feels good when I tell my little brother that I try to maintain all the bike safety measures quite well. I want to create an example, so do you, and you can. And also, if you think bike safety tips are just for kids, then remember, “In 2017, 70% of bikers killed aged over 19 by bike accident.”

d. Try to avoid riding at night

It is more dangerous to ride at night than a day because you can hardly see the pedestrians, street holes, or other small vehicles.

e. Stay Alert

Eyes and ears are our main assets while driving. Use them. Use your eyes to watch out and also use ears to hear the horn and avoid the accident and dangerous situations. Don’t use headphones while driving. If you use headphones while driving, you can’t merely hear the horn, and that can cause a hazardous effect. Also, read about the best budget suspension fork.

f. Avoid Crashes

Mainly two types of crashes

  1. Common falls
  2. Bike with cars or heavy load vehicles.

But by doing some act, can reduce the risk of your crash.

  • After some analysis and going through the report, it can be said that most of the accidents of adults happened between 6 p.m. to 11 p.m.
  • By comparing to urban and rural areas, we conclude that maximum bike accidents occur in urban areas that are 75%, but in rural areas, it is 25%.
  • According to a report, 37% of accidents caused by drinking alcohol and riding a bicycle.

g. Be a pro

Ride your Bike like you are professional. Follow all rules, be smart, and stay calm. Create motivation for others. Let you inspire them. Also, read the article about the health benefits of cycling.

Here is a video about bike safety tips

At the end

Think twice, drive once! That is why you must have to follow the bike safety tips for adults that I recommended. Your health comes first. Just think of your family. When you go out, they are praying for your safe return. Do not let them down; do not let them lose you. One accident is a loss for the whole life. Yours and others (pedestrians, bicycler) life are in your hand.

So, lastly, Be calm, follow the rules, and be safe. Read about the bike for beach sand.


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