How to Clean A Bike Chain

The chain is the essential part of a bike which transfers the load and energy from the paddle to the wheel. It should make a chain of high maintenance. In case your chain maintained poorly,  it won’t be able to transfer the energy properly from the paddle to the wheel and thus to make your ride more rugged.

To ensure a delicate and enjoyable ride, keep your chain in good condition. For this, know how you can keep your bike chain clean and form well-conditioned. Do you ride a road bike, Mountain Bike, Beach Bike or an electric bike?  In every bike, you need to clean your bike chain.

How to clean a bike chain without any hazard?

At first, You need to know what you need for cleaning a bike chain. I am gonna tell you in detail about it. Let’s start!

Using Cloth

In case your bike chain is at least grubby, you can use this most straightforward and quickest process. Just wrap the chain with a lint-free cloth. To wipe off the exterior muck, back paddle and again cover the chain. If you want to clean more broadly, using a lubricant can be helpful. Lubricants will help you see the float contaminants. After applying Lubricant, rub the chain repeat until he looks clean. As mentioned, it is the easiest and quickest, and you can clean a bike chain using this process after every ride.

But in case your chain is filthy and dirty, this method makes no sense.

If your chain is dirty, to begin with further, use some tools and processes to clean your bike chain.

Required Tools

  1. Degreaser (citrus-based is better)
  2. A chain brush
  3. A broad brush (for cleaning cogs)
  4. A container (for holding)
  5. Running Water and spray nozzle
  6. Gloves
  7. A chain keeper
  8. An open space you don’t mind getting a little dirty and/or wet

Now, in your mind, the question that might arise is how to clean bike chains using these tools. Here the process is given below.  Also, read about suspension fork.

Removing The Back Wheel

After taking off the back wheel, install a chain keeper in that place. This will allow you to cassette cleaning into the hub bearing and also in the break surfaces.

Using a brush and degreaser

To remove the gunk and mock from the chainrings, derailleur pulleys use the brush liquidated into the degreaser. Now back paddling the chain through the brush along with degreaser to remove all the dirt from different angles.

Cleaning the cassette

With the help of the broad brush, liquidated into the degreaser, clean the cassette sprockets.

Rinse with the flow of water

Rinse off the chain, chainrings, derailleur pulleys and the cassette sprockets with the light flow of water. Remember not to squirt water with high pressure directly into any of the bearings.


Dry everything including chain, chainrings, cassette with a clean, dry rag and put the bike by the side of dry air. If you want to speed up the process, you can use compressed air.


Put off the chain keeper. Reinstall the wheel. To make the chain more flexible, apply your preferable Lubricant.

Others way to clean a bike chain

Others way to clean a bike chain

You will happy to know that there is also an alternative way to lean your bike chain. There are so many devices on the market. No matter whether you ride a beach bike or road bike.

Chain Cleaning Device

In case your bike is grubby, it is better to use a chain cleaning device. This device contains a lot of rotating brushes. When you press the trigger of the clean chain device, the rotating brush will automatically drag the chain across inner and outer surfaces.

It is better to use a chain cleaning device cause you don’t have to mess with the water. It is even better to do a great job of getting the nastiest muck off from the chain as compared to the brush with the decreased method.

Ultrasonic Cleaners

It’s a handoff approach for the digressing shower. This ultrasonic cleaner has done an impressive job of getting all the nooks and grubs. Be careful about the heat and using the solvent. If the temperature goes high, it could damage the plastic. Read About safety tips while riding on the beach.

Here is a full video about cleaning a bike chain. Watch it

At the end

Now, you don’t have to worry about how to clean a bike chain. You can use any of the described processes for cleaning a bike chain. Once you have done any of the methods, you are ready to ride your bike again. Ride safe and stay safe. Read also about safety tips for bikes.

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